Top 10 most expensive fashion brands in the world

Fashion is an important part of life. More and more new brands are born, diverse in models and prices. Here are the 10 most expensive fashion brands according to Statistics:

1. Nike

Nike is a multinational fashion brand, born and based in the US. Footwear, clothing and accessories are designed, manufactured and distributed by Nike worldwide. In 2021, Nike has a total brand value of 30,433 million USD. This number, although slightly reduced compared to 2020, is still at the top of fashion worldwide.

Nike’s value goes hand in hand with the brand’s reputation. It is a key investor in sporting events and athletes. Prominent among them are Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Lebron James…

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2. Gucci

Gucci is famous as a high-end fashion brand from Florence, Italy. Bags, shoes, accessories are outstanding items that make the brand’s name. With items up to several thousand dollars, it is not surprising that its 2021 brand valuation reaches $ 15,599 million.

Gucci is the favorite brand of models and artists. IU, Kai (EXO) are K-POP artists invited to be brand ambassadors for Gucci. Along with that, the release of the movie House of Gucci helped the company get more attention.

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3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a luxury fashion brand that appeared in France in 1854. Headquartered in the fashion capital of Paris, the company has the third highest brand value on the list with nearly 15 billion USD. Louis Vuitton’s products range from bags and clothing to eyeglasses, watches and even books, and are sold in stores, high-end department stores and on e-commerce websites.

Louis Vuitton started out as a store selling clothes chests. The popularity of trains in the mid-19th century created an open market for this item. Since then, Louis Vuitton has continued to grow and in recent years has been consistently selected as the most luxurious brand (2006-2012).

4. Adidas

As a direct competitor of Nike, Adidas is far behind the competition with a brand value of less than half of Nike’s brand value in 2021 ($14,342 million). Adidas was officially registered as a trademark in 1949 in Germany. Currently, the company is also a major sponsor for FC Bayern Munich and holds an 8.33% stake.

Many people do not know that Adidas was close to bankruptcy in the early 90s of the last century. However, thanks to a change in orientation from sales to marketing and advertising, the company has recovered strongly and continues to grow. As of 2021, Adidas has 2184 stores worldwide.

Adidas Store
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5. Chanel

Chanel ranked 5th in the world’s most expensive fashion brands in 2021. Chanel was founded in 1910, named after founder Coco Chanel. Its products range from handbags, perfumes to cosmetics.

More than simply making clothes, Chanel has created many trends in fashion history. She is one of the leading designers to use plain elastic fabric, excluding corsets and other restrictive and cumbersome clothes. In 1921, the company’s first perfume line was produced and dominated for a decade; In 1924, Chanel launched a women’s suit made from luxurious tweed fabric, setting the stage for modern fashion.

6. Zara

Zara is a clothing store chain belonging to Inditex group – the largest apparel retailer in the world. In 1975, the first store, also the current headquarters of Zara, opened in Galicia, Spain. The founder of the brand is Amancio Ortega, one of the richest people in the world.

Zara’s orientation is fast fashion – not afraid to change to keep up with trends. In 2020, Zara launches 20 collections, constantly adjusting based on feedback from customers. In the international arena, the brand attracts a large customer base thanks to its affordable price. In Vietnam, Zara also has made remarkable growth steps within only 3 years of appearing on the market.

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7. Uniqlo

As the only brand from Asia in the ranking, Uniqlo has a revenue that is not inferior with 13,071 million dollars (2021). The name Uniqlo is an abbreviation of the phrase “Unique Clothing”. The difference of the brand lies in the simple design orientation but sustainable quality, true to the minimalist Japanese lifestyle.

Initially, Uniqlo was founded as a textile manufacturer in Yamaguchi (1949), then developed into a clothing design, manufacturing and retail company. Up to now, Uniqlo has appeared in 25 different countries with a total of 2312 stores.

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8. H&M

H&M is a Swedish multinational clothing company, headquartered in Stockholm. The company aims to serve a diverse audience from men, women and children. As the world’s second-largest apparel retailer, H&M has approximately 5,000 stores worldwide, spanning 74 countries.

Also a famous fast fashion brand, H&M in Vietnam has not achieved too many outstanding achievements. Recently, H&M posted a map image containing the cow’s tongue line denying Vietnam’s sovereignty over the East Sea. This has caused outrage in public opinion and created a wave of boycotts of H&M.

9. Cartier

Unlike the fashion brands mentioned above, Cartier is a brand specializing in the design, production and distribution of jewelry, leather goods and watches. In 2021, this company is valued at $ 12,087 million, down nearly $ 3 million compared to 2020 due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

Cartier operated as a family company until 1964. During this time, it made a major contribution to the development of high-end accessories. In 1847, Alfred Cartier was the first to successfully use platinum in jewelry making; In 1904, Louis Cartier was one of the first to popularize wristwatches for men.

Cartier fashion brand

10. Hermès

At the bottom of the list of the 10 most expensive fashion brands in the world is Hermès. Hermès was born in 1837 in France, with the original purpose of selling saddles, bridles… That’s why the brand logo is a horse-drawn carriage. Hermès is currently developing in the direction of a fashion and accessories brand, but still focuses on the quality of the leather goods it produces.

The most prominent lines of Hermès bags cannot be without Kelly and Birkin. These two lines of bags are associated with their own interesting stories, creating uniqueness for the brand. Kelly line of bags designed specifically for Princess Grace Kelly to cover her pregnant belly in public. Meanwhile, Birkin was created when singer Jane Birkin complained to Hermès that none of the bags were big enough to hold things.

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