The movie on Netflix won the “Best Picture” Oscar. Top 10 according to IMDb

From epic, psychological dramas to biopics, these Netflix movies are best picture Oscar winners. Here is the top 10 ranking according to IMDb.

Top 10: 12 Years A Slave

The 2014 Oscars Best Picture winner 12 Years A Slave is based on the 1853 memoir Twelve Years a Slave by David Wilson. It was also the first film by a black director to win Best Picture. The film follows Solomon Northup, a free black man from upstate New York who is kidnapped and sold into slavery.

Top 9: No Country For Old Men

The film is based on the 2005 novel of the same name by Cormac McCarthy. Llewelyn Moss, a veteran and welder who stumbles upon a large sum of money in the desert; Anton Chigurh, the mysterious assassin tasked with getting his money back; Ed Tom Bell, a local police chief who is investigating a crime is the three main characters in the film. The film then revolves around themes of fate, conscience and circumstances.

Top 8: The movie Green Book

Green Book is based on the true story of classical and jazz pianist Don Shirley and Italian-American rocker Frank Vallelonga’s tour of the American South. The film, set circa 1962, has a pleasing aesthetic and an easy-to-understand plot that revolves around Shirley and Vallelonga’s genuine friendship.

No Country For Old Men

Top 7: A Beautiful Mind

A Beautiful Mind is a biopic based on the best-selling novel by Sylvia Nasar. The biopic about John Nash, a Nobel laureate in Economics, and Abel, who learn that he is living with schizophrenia. The story realistically portrays mental illness with actor Russell Crowe winning an Oscar for his performance.

Top 6: The movie Parasite

Parasite’s story is unique as it follows a poor family who are trying to join a rich family by posing as highly educated people. The drama and suspense revolves around the hierarchy between the rich and poor worlds in society. It was the first Korean film to win an Academy Award and one of only three films to win both the Palme d’Or and the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Parasite movie

Top 5: The movie The Departed

One of Leonardo Dicaprio’s best films of the 2000s, The Departed is a remake of the 2002 Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs. The film follows a Massachusetts state cop and an Irish criminal Frank Costello as he breaks into the state police headquarters. At the same time, the police send undercover soldier Billy Costigan to infiltrate Costello’s team to find evidence of his crime.

The movie The Departed

Top 4: The movie Gladiator

Gladiator is an epic historical drama set in 180 AD. The film revolves around Maximus, a mighty Roman general trusted by Emperor Marcus Aurelius to be his successor. Emperor Marcus Aurelius’s son Prince Commodus assassinated him and enslaved Maximus and forced him to fight in gladiatorial arenas and Maximus had to rise up to fight for his life.

The movie Gladiator

Top 3: Silence Of The Lambs

Silence Of The Lambs is one of those horror movies that can mess with anyone’s brain. The film follows an FBI intern trying to catch a serial killer, and to do this, she needs the help of a former psychiatrist and serial killer who is on the verge of death. detention. The crime investigation and excellent performance of the cast left an indelible mark on the audience’s mind.

Top 2: The movie Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump follows the life of the eponymous Forrest Gump, a kind, selfless man with a low IQ who witnessed and unwittingly influenced several historical events in the United States of America. in the twentieth century. The film beautifully portrays all parts of life, be it love, family, fighting or bravery.

The movie Forrest Gump

Top 1: Movies on Netflix – Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List, the movie on Netflix that won the “Best Picture” Oscar and with a score of 9.0 on IMDb, it is a masterpiece of world cinema. Schindler’s List is a historical drama set in the 1940s that depicts concentration camps and the horrors that Jews experienced at the hands of the Nazi regime. . It is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, who saved about 1200 people from being killed at Auschwitz.

Movies on Netflix - Schindler's List

Source: 10 Best Picture Award Winning Movies On Netflix (Ranked According to IMDb)

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