The bravest cartoon character. Top 10 in Disney movies

When thinking about brave themes in animated films, Disney characters cannot be ignored. Whether they are animals, women or even snowmen, these characters have a strong impact and inspire the audience. Let’s find out about 10 names in this Top 10!

Top 10: Merida – Brave

In 2012, Disney told the story of Princess Merida in the movie Brave. She challenged her suitors to an archery contest. But as an excellent archer, she beat them all. An argument turned her mother into a giant bear. Merida is not afraid but tries to save her mother and herself.

Top 9: Tiana – Princess & The Frog

In 2009, Disney introduced the character Tiana to viewers. From childhood to adulthood, Tiana worked hard with her dream of opening her own restaurant. During the carnival, a spell turns her and the prince into frogs. However, she never lost faith and overcame difficulties with her own ability.

Top 8: Rapunzel – Tangled

Rapunzel in the movie possesses a magical hair that has the ability to give eternal youth. It was because of that that she was kidnapped and locked in a tall tower. Through many hardships (kidnapped, chased by bad guys, locked in a tower for 16 years). She remained optimistic and saved her own life.

Top 7: Moana – Moana

Moana is the daughter of Chief Tui who lives on an island far in the ocean. She always wanted to explore her outside world but was never allowed. When there was a threat to her tribe, she went on an expedition to bring back the magic stone to save the island.

Top 6: Simba Characters – The Lion King

In The Lion King, when Scar took the throne, Simba was pushed out of his inhabited land. He lives in the forest by himself with two new friends, Timon and Pumbaa. Simba took the time to learn about himself and bravely returned to Pride Rock to fight back for his kingdom.

Character Simba - The Lion King

Top 5: Mulan character – Mulan

Mulan is considered one of the bravest Disney female characters. When she heard that war broke out, she was ready to replace her father to go to the battlefield. At midnight, she cuts her hair, changes her name, and pretends to be a man to join the army. Thanks to her intuition and intelligence, she helped China win.

Character Mulan - Mulan

Top 4: Dory – Finding Nemo

Dory is the audience’s favorite friend in Finding Nemo. In the search for his son Nemo who was taken away by fishermen, the clownfish Marlin met his friend Dory, they quickly went together. Dory is an extremely optimistic fish, but in reality she suffers from short-term memory loss with a dark story behind her. Dory’s cuteness has conquered moviegoers.

Top 3: Remy character – Ratatouille

In 2007, Remy was featured in Ratatouille as a brave rat fighting for his dream of becoming a chef in a world where there are only humans. He befriends a Parisian boy named Alfredo, telling him everything to make great meals. Remy’s dedication shows that he is willing to do anything for his dreams.

Character Remy - Ratatouille

Top 2: The character Kala – Tarzan

In the cartoon Tarzan, the gorilla Kala adopted a human child after it was abandoned in the forest. Kala despite being opposed by the gorillas when raising humans. She stood up for her love for her new born baby. Her strength and resilience is passed on to the young Tarzan (and to the viewers).

Character Kala - Tarzan

Top 1: The bravest cartoon character – Olaf – Frozen

Olaf is a talking magical snowman. He seems to take over the main characters Anna and Elsa with his bravery. Olaf’s positivity and imagination is what keeps dark times brighter. Despite being just a tiny snowman, Olaf never gives up trying to help Anna and Elsa rescue her kingdom.

The bravest cartoon character - Olaf - Frozen

Source: 10 Bravest Animated Disney Characters

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