Danba is located in the west of Sichuan Province in China. 

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-6 degrees C meet yourself in Seda|The color of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Seda, the burial is a sacred existence, and the sublimated soul returns to nature

Danba is inevitably the beautiful scenery of watchtower buildings in everyone’s memory. A large number of early watchtowers were left in Debao, and it is famous for Tibetan-style buildings.Danba is in 2005 In 2008, it was selected as “the most beautiful village in China” by China National Geographic. 2006  Elected as the first of “China’s six most beautiful ancient rural towns”
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Does Jiaju Tibetan Village need a ticket?

How far is Jiaju Tibetan Village from the county seat? What are the means of transportation?

Is it better to live in the county or Tibetan village?

Jiaju Tibetan Village requires tickets.50Yuan/people

Jiaju Tibetan Village3There is a viewing platform. If you live in a B&B, you can ask the host to pick you up, so you can save the entrance ticket! !

How far is Jiaju Tibetan Village from the county seat? What are the means of transportation?

Jiaju Tibetan Village belongs to the mountainous area, a distance from the county seat.8It is about kilometers, but it is all mountain roads and the terrain is steep.It is very convenient to travel by car. There are some vans that can be shared on the main roads of the county, and the round-trip time is uncertain, but the entire mountainous area is developed by tourism, so you don’t have to worry about accommodation and catering (accommodation will include breakfast and lunch), so the experience of staying for one night is good choice

Is it good to live in the county? Or Tibetan village?

The accommodation conditions in the county are better, but the homes of Tibetan residents are better.In addition to taking pictures at the viewing platform and learning about the life of the local residents, you can walk into the country alleys and quietly watch the beauty of Tibetan architecture.

The accommodation conditions in the Tibetan village are not bad. The toilets, water heaters, big bed rooms, the Internet are all complete, and the cleaning is very clean. There are many accommodation options in the whole mountain area. It is recommended to stay here for one night and experience the Tibetan culture. Why not take a moment to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and let go of your heart?

This time I went to Jiaju Tibetan Zangzhai for accommodation, this time I found accommodation in the middle of the mountain. When you go to the county town, contact the host first, and the host will come to pick it up~ This saves the cost of tickets

There are unique Tibetan-style buildings along the entire road. Every family lives in a village. The highest point of the Tibetan village is usually a Buddhist hall.

There are always fiery red peppers and golden corn hanging in Tibetan homes or courtyards. When they come here, from the gate to the window, the walls are all engraved with Tibetan totems, with bright colors.

Every household hangs peppers and corn outside the courtyard. Tibetans only kill a pig during Chinese New Year and make bacon for the whole year.

The basic features of Jiarong dwellings, the original materials and techniques, have not affected the traditional style and charm at all.

The building of each house is built with the corner building (jiaojiao) as the ridge.3-5Diaolou style

Tibetans must hang a ram’s head on the top of the gate, because it is the white and auspicious sheep leading to the sky, and it is also worship and gratitude to the sheep, thanking them for their sacrifices for the survival of Tibetans

Typical Tibetan dishes are roast lamb, beef, tsampa, butter tea and Qingke wine. The taste of Tibetan food is light and peaceful.Many dishes, in addition to salt, onion and garlic, do not put any spicy seasonings, reflecting the return to simplicity of food culture

With the consent of the host, without affecting the time of chanting scriptures, you can go to the Buddhist hall in Tibetan people’s homes. In addition to Buddha statues, thangkas, relics, etc., there are also Buddhist beads and family heirlooms, which are very precious and serious tools~

Coming here is very peaceful, and it is also the high point of Jiaju. In addition to having a bird’s-eye view of the entire rural tribe, it is so simple and the mountains are surrounded by the buildings.

Getting a good name is also true to the name~

There is also a Buddhist temple (black school) here. In addition to the low-light candle light source, there is also a super large prayer wheel. Outside, there are several old people sitting with the prayer wheel in their hands and meditating in their mouths. The scriptures that are all too familiar, I thought I came to the right place, the undeveloped villages have the few remaining black religions

Bon religion is the earliest religion in Tibetan history and the largest sect of Tibetan Buddhism in the early days.black religionis a special belief in animism

At first they thought that a strange person came in. They cast a strange look and wanted to say that it was very strange. What the hell is this person coming for? I sat down and used Mandarin and sign language. The Tibetan old man is not very good at Mandarin, but we both know each other. understand what to say

After chatting, I learned that apart from the fact that Tibetans do not have passports, they come here every day in their lives, and chanting sutras by the Buddha’s side is the greatest blessing and the greatest wish in their lives! !

Maybe you can’t understand them, but please look at other people’s way of life with kindness. So simple and so beautiful!